Liesbeth van Stee

My name is Liesbeth van Stee and brought up in the South-West part of The Netherlands where nature plays an important role in people ever day’s life.

The fact of living close to nature, played an important role in my creative development, which shows itself in the materials I use and the shapes of my objects.

After I discovered a few decades ago the multiple facets of working with clay, I gained experience by following numerous workshops with various ceramists, with each having their specialities in either materials, techniques, structure, visual effects or applications.

All my objects are hand-built by using the coiling, slab-building or modelling technique.
The initial idea of a project often transforms during the process into different shapes, reliefs and/or colours due to new insights and immediate personal or external influences like mood, mind-set or alterations in nature.

Often my objects do evolve to series, though each object in the series having its specific character.

Photography by Simone de Vries / Website by